How To Make Rick Simpson Oil

What is Rick Simpson Oil and its Origin?

Rick Simpson Oil has gained significant focus in recent years due to its therapeutic properties which have helped more than 5000 users. Basically, Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis oil that Rick Simpson has prepared with his own method. Rick Simpson is a cancer survivor who has used cannabis successfully to treat his cancerous tissues and since then he is sharing his knowledge all over the world. For that, he has been awarded various awards and his methods work with people and that’s the reason for his popularity. The oil is now officially termed as Rick Simpson Oil.

So for people who are looking for preparing a small batch of Rick Simpson Oil at home, you need to follow these steps. But before that please remember the safety instructions which are being given below.

How To Make Rick Simpson Oil

How To Make Rick Simpson Oil

  1. Follow the method as told here. No experiments are allowed and if you do it, the risk is all yours.
  2. All solvents used herein in the method are highly flammable and must be treated with extreme caution and care.
  3. The process is quite easy, but due to distractions and inflammable solvent, the fire safety measures should be kept in mind. Do not use this method while you are distracted or doing multiple things at the same time. A single fault can lead to a fire.
  4. Do not grow tired of the repetitive process and indulge carelessly with contents. The process takes about one hour and if you are involved, you won’t find the time that much.
  5. Before handling the solvent pan for moving it away from the heating stove always check the gas status, if the flame is on, switch it off. Don’t let the solvent pan come in direct contact with the fire.


How to make a small batch of Rick Simpson Oil


Collect below-given ingredients beforehand

    • Approximately one pound of dried marijuana of indica strain
    • Two gallons of solvent – here you can use 99% isopropyl alcohol or ethanol or butane. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol is most preferred.
    • A bucket having a capacity of 5 gallon
    • A large deep bowl
    • A cheesecloth
    • A wooden spoon
    • A rice cooker
  1. Chose a large open area that provides the needed ventilation. If that area is not available then arrange something for ventilation such as the use of portable fans or opening windows is on the options list. Also, while making oil in the open area, use a table fan for moving the air around. Don’t compromise on it.
  2. You’ll need proper setup equipment. Preferably use a double-boiler type pot and pan setup, where you can put the solvent pan on the top of the water pot. You must never put a solvent pan directly on top of the stove whether it’s electric or gas.
  3. Arrange the pieces of equipment such that the pot containing water lies four to five inches above the surface of the stove. By this you are trying to do things- you are keeping the solvent a good distance from the heat and allows enough water to boil that it keeps the heat on the proper level for evaporating the solvent.
  4. Keep in mind that you will need to heat water several times during the process and for that solvent, the pan needs to put on a safe surface as it is prone to catching fire. So the distance should be proper between the stove and the solvent pan. The recommended distance is at least three feet.
  5. One item you need to have always is a lid that can be airtight on the solvent pan because of the high inflammability of the solvent. If in the worst situation solvent catches fire, you should simply put the lid over the solvent pan cutting the oxygen supply thus extinguishing the fire.
  7. Also, you should have a fire extinguisher at a close distance for easy and fast application.
  8. Now when you have prepared for everything, place your dry marijuana or cannabis material into the bucket and pour the solvent over it until it is completely covered. While pouring the solvent keep crushing the marijuana or cannabis. Stir constantly during this. And after completely pouring the solvent, stir for 3 minutes more. This will allow the THC to dissolve into the solvent. The goal here is to dissolve at least 80% of the THC into the solvent.
  9. Using cheesecloth, pour the mixture into the bowl thus enabling you to separate the mixture from solvent.
  10. Again put the mixture back into the bucket and add more solvent into it. Again stir for 3 more minutes.
  11. Repeat the same draining process using cheesecloth and the bowl where again mixture and solvent will be separated completely.
  12. Now, pour all of the solvents into the rice cooker, until it’s about three-quarters full. Now turn on the gas/electric stove. Keep in mind that your solvent mixture is not to be heated above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise, it will be destroyed and will be of no use.
  13. Steady heat needs to be maintained at this step. Here decarboxylation will happen. Now keep the temperature between the range of 210 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. This constant heat will allow the solvent to lose all it’s carbon completely.
  14. Gradually solvent will evaporate. In this step, you need to add more mixture into the rice cooker.
  15. When the solvent will be fully evaporated, it will leave a thick oil that can be put into a syringe for easy use. If it is hard to squeeze the oil out of the syringe, you can use hot water to lessen the thickness of the mixture and thus making it easier to dispense.
  16. Now, your Rick Oil Simpson is ready for use.
Lab Test On Rick Simpson Oil

Lab Test On Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson has claimed that this oil has cured his cancer in four days. Research is still in the process but people have also shared their experience related to this oil and its benefits. Just follow the process safely and enjoy the benefits of this oil.

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