Difference between Rick Simpson Oil and CBD Oil

In this cruel world having CBD Oil and RSO, having a better alternative to allopathic medicine is not suitable for big pharma’s. They always try to suppress information and ban them all. Yet, with the power of the internet, people always find the truth. Like- you can heal your pain and anxiety with medical-grade CBD. But you can do that too by using Rick Simpson Oil. If you don’t know what Rick Simpson Oil is, then this is your chance!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the active ingredients of marijuana or cannabis, discovered in 1940. CBD is generally applied to treat anxiety, insomnia, pain, etc. The CBD may also serve to befall asleep, including staying sleeping. CBD may allow treating various types of persistent pain. The researchers found significant data that CBD may have a great impact on cancer.


What is Rick Simpson Oil?

The Rick Simpson oil is a variety of cannabis oil that comprises high levels of THC. This oil is helpful in various diseases. But due to its illegal status in different countries, the research is becoming more challenging. In their desperate attempt to heal, individual persons who tried the Rick Simpson Oil have noted an effective result.

Rick simpson Oil

The Difference between Rick Simpson Oil and CBD: 

There are many differences between CBD and Rick Simpson Oil. They are-

1. Part used: The CBD can be obtained from small flowers, and they are tough to harvest. On the other hand, the RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is only obtained from big marijuana flowers.

2. Cannabinoid percentage: The Rick Simpson oil contains very high percentages of THC and additional cannabinoids. So, the RSO includes 50 to 60% THC and only 10 to 15% CBD. Other cannabinoids like CBG or CBN also exist in concentrated volumes. However, CBD oil carries high levels of CBD. Only very diminutive quantities of different cannabinoids like CBN and THC are present.

3. Price: Price for both Rick Simpson Oil and CBD are comparably high. It’s because they are both tough to process and acquire. Click Here for Information.

4. Use: Both oils can be used for treating pain, anxiety, depression, and other issues.

The Rick Simpson Oil can additionally treat arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure infections, inflammation, etc. Although, the CBD sows more promising results than the Rick Simpson Oil in cancer research.

5. Risk factors: Consuming CBD or RSO in high volume is dangerous and can create life-threatening situations for some cases.


Finally, if you want to know the difference between Rick Simpson Oil and CBD, now you have a brief idea. Both are produced from marijuana, yet they are a different product and subject to more medical research and personal choice.

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