RSO Liquid Gold

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RSO Liquid Gold

Premium Indica RSO Oil | 1ml
Organic, Lab-tested, Non-GMO, Natural and Gluten-Free


RSO Liquid Gold

RSO Liquid Gold is a potent full-spectrum extract from Liquid Gold Rick Simpson Oil (LGO). Cannabis has been extracted in such a way that all of the therapeutic cannabinoids found in the plant have been preserved. This results in an extremely potent and effective treatment that can be used orally.

A large part of RSO’s effectiveness comes from the entourage effect created by the cannabinoids it contains. In comparison to refined extracts such as distillate or honey oil, RSO Liquid Gold is far more effective when taken orally because of its higher potency per milligram.

The Indica RSO Oil has a calming and sedative effect, leaving you pleasant and relaxed. The numerous medical advantages of the Indica RSO Oil derive from its Indica character, making it ideal for people suffering from stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, sleeplessness, seizures, and migraines. Indica products have been scientifically confirmed to be incredibly effective for a variety of diseases and conditions, according to credible studies. Sedative, relaxing, appetite-inducing, and stress-relieving properties of indica cannabis have made it popular over the world. After a long, stressful, or painful day, relax with this Indica RSO Oil.

Where to Buy RSO Liquid Gold Oil

Looking forward to know where to buy RSO Liquid Gold? Contact our Staffs or shop directly on our website for our lab tested products.Our team is here to support you through your recovery process by providing the highest quality Rick Simpson Oil available.

As with any oral medication, we advise patients to begin with a small amount and work their way up to the full recommended dose over time. Dosing the RSO can be simplified by mixing it with a carrier oil. Due to the product’s high concentration and viscosity, it’s best to heat the syringe before using. It is best to take your RSO with food and wait at least two hours for the maximum effects to take effect. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery after using RSO and don’t consume if you are pregnant. Please keep RSO Liquid Gold and other cannabis products away from animals and children.


8 reviews for RSO Liquid Gold

  1. Kitsch

    Thanks so much for the relief 😮‍💨. It got me feelin so strong and new.
    I’m def comin back for more until when I can make myself such Rich RSOs ….

  2. Sunny K Song

    rso liquid gold

  3. Richard McGregor

    These Gold Liquids are just the best on the go.. Thank You guys so much..

  4. Sharon Schiefelbein

    Thank You for delivering my package on time.

  5. HarrisonL Florian

    This has helped Dad in miraculous ways. He was headed to hospice, but instead is home with his kidneys functioning again! All swelling has all but disappeared! This is truly God’s plant to heal all of our sickness and disease. Anyone just diagnosed, PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE STARTING CHEMO!!! We’ve seen the proof! My wife is about to start it for her Multiple Sclerosis. I know it will work. God is a miracle worker. We don’t need big pharma. God gave us the natural cures.

  6. Warren Ramos

    This website has wonderful information for whatever illness a person suffers from plus Rick gives his personal recipe for medical cannabis oil & his knowledge re the use & dosage.
    Highly recommend

  7. Steve Feather

    Ordered on Friday, delivered the following Tuesday. perfect

  8. Richard Wilson

    Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish. Wish I’d have used it ages ago.
    First class .everything on time.

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